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FTCHost provides FTC teams with FREE website hosting!
Sounds awesome, right! But wait, there’s more!

Your team is awesome, and so should your website

Every FTC team is unique and awesome in their own way.  The best way to convey that is through your website.  Don’t empty your team’s wallet by paying for hosting that costs way too much.  And we don’t have any contracts – come and go as you please.

You know that SLOW LOADING = BAD

As a team, you already know that when things take forever to load (Ahem, the Android Studio download), it can’t be good.  That is what most people think about websites.  Spread the knowledge about your team to the world with a really fast website host!

You don't rest before competition, so why should your website

The days before competition can be crazy!  During competitions you direct people to your website.  Imagine all these people visiting your website and… your server is down.  What a disappointment!  Our server maintenance is ran by AI to minimize downtime and make your website available when you most need it!


You need full control

During the TeleOP preiod of a match, you need to drive your robot.  When you are driving it is important to have full control over what your robot does.  We believe the same principle applies to website hosting.  You need to have access to cPanel to fully manage your site.

Usability is key

Need a good way to edit your website without having to worry about HTML or CSS?  Well we have news for you!  When you create an account, you have the option of your site coming with WordPress installed!  We love WordPress and we think you will too, especially when you use Elementor.  Incase you are wondering, this site was made in WordPress with Elementor Pro.  Just like your robot programming, making classes or functions in Java really speeds up the TeleOp or Autonomous creation.


Imagine being a day before competition and your computer crashes or you accidentally permanently delete a file and don’t notice it until later.    All that hard work is now gone.  What if you had weekly backups of your entire file?  Well, we automatically backup your website every week.  Another cool thing is that all your backups don’t count towards your disk usage!

Looks awesome right!

What if we told you there was another surprise behind all these features?  Below we have our pricing table, and yes there was no mistake!

FTCHost plan

$ 0 Lifetime
  • High speed hosting
  • 99% Monthly uptime
  • cPanel
  • Optional WordPress Installation
  • Weekly backups
  • 5GB of starting storage (disk)
  • SSL Certificate
  • Mailing accounts (custom to your domain)

Have questions?

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